Friday, February 16, 2018

shree madhva vijaya prameya phalamaalikaa 0

The prameya phalamaalika by shree vishnu teertharu is a small work of 22 verses which gives a summary of the shree madhva vijaya.

In this series, I humbly attempt to take each verse and provide the word break-up, the proper sequence of words, English meaning for each word, and a brief summary in English for the verse.  It is a way of learning for me and I hope what I learn is also useful for someone else also interested.

I have only one copy of the prameya phalamaalika with me and I see some obvious printing mistakes.  I am not sure about the correctness of all the verses and I have tried to fix them based on the kannada summary contained in that book.  I suspect there are still some errors in the verses I have put here.  If you have a copy of this work, please do send me a message through the comment section and I can work on correcting my version.  I will be very thankful.

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