Friday, February 16, 2018

shree madhva vijaya 7.0

The shree madhva vijaya is a mega poetic work by shree naaraayaNa paNDitacharya.  It is the only authentic source of the life and history of shree madhvacharya written in a poem form by a great scholar who lived and interacted with acharya madhva.  shree naaraayaNa paNDitacharya's father, shree trivikrama paNDitacharya was a contemporary and later a disciple of acharya madhva.

shree madhva vijaya is organized into 16 cantos, known as 'sarga' in samskrit language. It covers from the backdrop for the need for the avataar of acharya madhva and then goes on to describe his childhood, becoming a sanyasi, fixing the mis-interpretations of the vedic knowledge that were prevalent during his time, and other aspects.

The seventh canto is a very special one which describes the meeting between acharya madhva and his guru, lord shree hari in the form of veda vyaasa in badarikaashrama.

In this series, I humbly attempt to take each verse and provide the word break-up, the proper sequence of words, English meaning for each word, and a brief summary in English for the verse.  It is a way of learning for me and I hope what I learn is also useful for someone else also interested.  If you see any mistakes in my understanding, please do correct me.

I am no scholar nor a samskrit grammarian. I derive my limited knowledge listening to discourses by my Guru Shri Bannanje Govindacharya and refer to his samskrit work on shree madhva vijaya as well as the kannada translations for the work by shree saNoor bheema bhatt and shree b n vijayeendrachar.

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