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shree madhva vijaya 7.2

हिमवर्षरविप्रभासहाः ।
   पृथुसत्रप्रथिता द्विजाश्रयाः ॥
अपि विष्णुपदस्पृशोऽलस- ।
   न्नुभये यत्र विचित्रशाखिनः ॥ ७.२ ॥

himavarSharaviprabhaasahaaH |
   pR^ithusatraprathitaa dvijaashrayaaH ||
api viShNupadaspR^isho.alasa- |
   nnubhaye yatra vichitrashaakhinaH || 7.2 ||

padachCheda (words separation): 
himavarSharaviprabhaasahaaH, pR^ithusatraprathitaa, dvijaashrayaaH, api, viShNupadaspR^ishaH, alasan, ubhaye, yatra, vichitrashaakhinaH

anvaya (natural order):
yatra, hima+varSha+raviprabhaa+sahaaH, pR^ithu+satra+prathitaa, dvija+aashrayaaH, viShNupada+ spR^ishaH, vichitrashaakhinaH, ubhaye, api, alasan

pratipadaartha (word by word meaning): 
  • yatra= in which badarikaashrama
  • hima+varSha+raviprabhaa+sahaaH= snow + rain + sunshine + those who tolerate them
  • pR^ithu+satra+prathitaa
    • pR^ithu= large, expansive
    • satra= forests, sacrfice (yaj~na)
    • prathitaa= well recognized ones
  • dvija+aashrayaaH
    • dvija= birds 
    • dvija= brahmins
    • aashrayaaH= those who provide shelter
  • viShNupada+ spR^ishaH
    • viShNupada= sky
    • viShNupada= Lord shree viShNu's divine feet, words describing Lord shree viShNu
    • spR^ishaaH= those who touch it
  • vichitrashaakhinaH
    • vichitra= different types
    • shaakhinaH= trees
    • shaakhinaH= adhering to (learning and practicing) different branches of the veda
  • ubhaye= both aspects
  • api= also
  • alasan= shine in glory

taatparya (summary):
In this badarikaashrama, variety of trees were growing in abundance in large forest areas and glowing with health. In the forests, among the trees, the birds built their nest. The trees grew and stood tall almost touching the sky and withstood and protected the birds and other creatures from snow, rain, and the hot sun.  Upon arriving, Acharya madhva saw such radiant badarikaashrama.

in this badarikaashrama  sages (R^ishi, muni) learned in various branches of the veda lives and performed their penance and rituals having withstood snow, rain, and hot sun shine.  They used to perform sacrifices (yaj~na, yaaga) and gave shelter to brahmins. The illustrous sages were always contemplating about (feet of) Lord shree viShNu. Upon arriving, Acharya madhva saw such radiant badarikaashrama.

Shree Naaraayana Panditacharya is explaining two different aspects using the same set of words.  This is a unique form of poetry not commonly seen in other languages and requires mastery of the language.

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